FINALLY, we’re in the much-awaited month of December, much awaited for many reasons. For me, since it’s already the first day of December, I have to start playing Christmas songs already, thereby lifting the self-imposed regulation.


It is also the time of the year when the Metro Manila Film Festival is held. Last year, the board that replaced the old one thought of coming up with a new concept, a new format of the film fest.

While the entries received commendations from some sectors who really wanted to see the film fest loaded with entries that are of good quality in all aspects, the business side of the festival reportedly suffered.

So this year, the previous board was again reportedly replaced and so the old format was also restored. Vice Ganda and Coco Martin, who used to team up for a single project, are on opposite camps now.

Vice is in a Star Cinema project while Coco stars in his own movie produced by his company and, if I’m not mistaken, also directed by him.


Christian Bables hogged the limelight not so long ago for his (or his management’s) reported refusal to do the role of Barbie (?) in the spinoff of last year’s “Die Beautiful” top-billed by Paolo Ballesteros.

Christian won a Supporting Actor Award for the role, which will now go to Martin del Rosario. There were rumors before questioning Martin’s gender and with this portrayal of a homosexual, for sure such speculations will be reinforced. Some said Martin has come out already but let’s just wait and see.