OFFICIALS of Volunteer Against Crime and Corruption (Vacc) urged Negrenses to help them in their advocacy of fighting corruption and illegal drugs.

"We need your help, especially in the barangays," said Vacc chairman Martin Diño in a press conference November 30 at the Sugarland Hotel in Bacolod City.

Diño, who is reportedly being eyed as interior undersecretary for barangay affairs, said he "will make sure that all barangays will help each other to fight drugs."

He said he will suggest to President Rodrigo Duterte to establish a barangay police that will join authorities in drug operations so they could testify later on, whether the rules of engagement were properly followed.

Diño added that he will propose for paperless government transactions to deter corruption.

Vacc founding chairman and president Dante Jimenez, who also joined the press conference, said they are bent on fighting corruption.

He said they are calling for reforms in the system especially in collection of public funds where corruption is usually involved.

Also, Jimenez lamented that there are police officials who were corrupted by the drug lords to destroy the administration's campaign on illegal drugs.

Jimenez said that Vacc is also a human rights advocate since they also help victims of abuses.

He said they're not like the Commission of Human Rights (CHR) because the agency is "more identified as protecting the criminals."

"CHR has a rotten system, they're too politicized," he added.

Jimenez said Vacc will help those who will ask for their assistance.

"They have to write to VACC, and we will help," he said.

He added that they will establish an office in Bacolod City so they could reach out to more people although they have yet to find a location.

"We're looking for a better place which will be accessible to all citizens of Bacolod," they said.