FILIPINOS, back in the days, fought their way out of the colonial rule of the Spaniards through left and right revolt. As what history books told us, we were liberated in 1898. But the present-day revolution is unlike what Gat Andres Bonifacio died for when revolution was more than liberation.

Last November 30, the country commemorated the 154th Birth Anniversary of our national hero Andres Bonifacio.

In Davao City, a program was prepared at Bonifacio Circle in Magallanes corner CM Recto streets.

Spearheaded by Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio and other government officials together with other members of the diplomatic corps, war veterans and many non-government organizations paid tribute to Supremo in a simple ceremony.

Gat. Andres Bonifacio has long been the image of revolution in the country. But today, in a world of digital and technological revolution, the country has still yet to achieve the victory of the modern day revolution.

On the other hand, a nationwide rally was also staged during Bonifacio Day in Davao City as the Revolutionary Government (RevGov) Movement gathered thousands of Moro, Lumads and Christians at Crocodile Park grounds to support the idea of a revolutionary type of government in the country.

Likewise, progressive groups staged a demonstration at Freedom Park.

Filipinos may have lost battles in the past before achieving independence from invaders, but today, those who are living with HIV-AIDS are still battling the disease. With the growing number every year, according to Department of Health - Epidemiology Bureau, Manager HIV Unit Dr. Genesis May Samonte that in the next 10 years HIV cases will be tripled and by the end of 2017 there will be 67,000 people living with HIV in the country, according to the August 2017 data.

Today, fighting and creating awareness on HIV-Aids just got digital as a gaming app was launched yesterday to coincide with the World Aids Day.

Battle in the blood #BitB is a mobile gaming app created to generate consciousness about the disease and how it can be prevented and change the mindset of people.

As we can observe, everyday there is a revolution that we do not even know existed until we’ve read them in papers or in social media.

Revolution can be achieved by taking up arms, a pen or gadget. But the hardest part is how we can achieve the best result of revolution to sustain the desire for change.

Who does not want to revolutionize things, we all do want to innovate and change for the betterment of the society, whether it’s in fighting HIV-Aids, changing the type of government, etc.

But the questions are, how can we adapt to the revolution, how can we sustain its results and are we ready for a revolution? A revolution for positive societal change and the overall gain of the masses would be the best revolution for the fast-changing city like Davao.