ANGELES CITY -- Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan commended the staff of Ospital Ning Angeles (ONA) for bagging the award for Best Practices in Infection Prevention Control during the flag raising ceremony on Monday, December 4.

“This is a manifestation that our hospital is raising the standards not only with its infrastructure but also in terms of the services given to our citizens,” said Pamintuan.

“Many Angeleños are depending on the services offered by ONA and with the growing healthcare needs of the people, we are planning to build the first pacemaker center in the city housed in ONA to cater people with arrhythmias,” added Pamintuan.

ONA was awarded for Best Practices in Infection Prevention Control during the 68th annual national convention of the Philippine Hospital Association (PHA) held last November 16 at the Manila Hotel.

Dr. Rodel Dungca, head of ONA, said: “This award is given to hospitals both public and private, which are meeting the standards of the PHA in terms of cleanliness, sanitation and infection control.”

“Contrary to what others think of ONA before, such as being unsanitized, it is now at par with the private hospitals in the city with its own Renal Care unit, Intensive Cardiac Care Unit, and Chemotherapy Infusion Unit,” Dungca added.

ONA is one of the 22 awardees among 5,000 participating hospitals recognized by the PHA.

Meanwhile, Pamintuan tasked the City Health Office (CHO) to conduct an examination among Angeleños who received the anti-dengue vaccine on the probe of Department of Justice (DOJ) after finding out that the said vaccine may cause severe health risks to children.

Dr. Lenario Santos, resident doctor at the CHO, assured the City that it will review all the data of the Angeleños who took the said vaccine and put them under observation.

“We are going through the data and we will further our scope to identify all the people who were given the shots,” Santos said.

Santos also sought the help of school teachers in monitoring and identifying the students who took the shot for them to be given the proper medication assistance if found sick.

The Dengavaxia is an anti-dengue vaccine given to people ages 9 to 45 and was first released in the Philippines last 2015. A total of 733,713 people recorded have taken the shot in Central Luzon, Calabarzon, and National Capital Region. (PR)