DAVAO City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio said she still does not have an opinion on revolutionary government being pushed by supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Duterte-Carpio, in a media interview Monday, said she respects the opinion and the right of everyone to freedom of expression especially of those who support the cause of revolutionary government but she is yet to decide how to react on it.

"As of this moment, I do not have an opinion on the concept of the revolutionary government because I have yet to read any paper, any law about it. So it is hard to make comment when you do not know what you are commenting about," she said.

She said that she respects those who are calling for a revolutionary government.

Last November 30, thousands of revolutionary government supporters flocked to Crocodile Park, and Freedom Park here.

At the Crocodile Park, Revolutionary Government Grand Rally was composed of participants from Moro National Liberation Front, Guardians Brotherhood, and various groups of Duterte supporters all the way from different corners of Mindanao.

Moro National Liberation Front Davao chairman Rolando Olamit said in an interview last Friday, that the revolutionary government is the key to fast track Federalism which according to him, was not prioritized by the lawmakers.

Despite the earlier pronouncement of the President that he will not declare revolutionary government, Olamit said that it is but right since the people themselves must declare the revolutionary government and it is the call of the President to accept their declaration.

A rally of Hugpong Federal also took place at Freedom Park the same day, also with the same reason, to fast track the approval of Federalism in the country.