IT SEEMS that all gun barrels are aimed at the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) especially its combat group, the New People’s Army (NPA), and that would include its political wing, the National Democratic Front (NDF).

President Digong makes inference that it would be a real rumble… “no more talks” with the communist group. Could this be an end to the peace talks, although Harry Roque (presidential spokesperson) and Silvestre Bello (government’s chief peace negotiator, also Labor Secretary) are not closing doors for the resumption of the talks? Mayor Sara Duterte of Davao is even bent on asking for localized peace talks for the home-grown NPAs.

We all know that President Digong is always having “tongue slips” and “mind slips.” He would say a thing today that will change tomorrow… just to undergo a modification the day after. He is a politician and he can always claim, “Only fools do not change their minds.” The President would just want to prove something. I am not a neurologist and I do not want to speculate.

If this is going to be an all-out-war, the Armed Forces of the Philippines has no choice but to obey an order. Our soldiers did it in Marawi. There is no reason why they cannot do it in Candoni. Our policemen have a commitment to serve and protect. They also expect for a double salary increase. If they are wounded in action, they will be given new cellphones in the hospital ceremony.

This all-out-war is painful and expensive. If the “Marawi War Formula” was considered successful, then there is no reason why our Philippine Airforce will not bomb towns and cities occupied by the rebels. In war, there are no heroes… only victims, the wounded, the dead, the widows, those who lost their relatives, those whose houses were looted or burned, not counting the women who were raped by “accident,” or the children who were mistaken as stray dogs.

In war, there is money because the nations that manufacture war machines will sell their toys to our government and our country will be made a “killing field laboratory” with our people as “guinea pigs.” The priests, pastors, and ministers can only pray that the innocent souls claimed by war will go direct to heaven to see God, the Almighty Creator. God is not in a hurry to meet the victims of war.

Before our top officials have been roasted by their pride, ambition, insecurity, and political instincts… they have to convince President Digong that the best democratic option is still to go back to the negotiating table and talk with sense. The best test to sincerity is not at the start of the negotiation. It takes a long process to determine the fruit of sincerity.

When God sent His Son to fathom the sincerity of the sinners, He even waited for that crucifixion (without intervention) until resurrection. If President Digong wants all-out-war, let it be, for him to see the gnashing of the teeth, for him to hear the wailing of the wounded, and the flooding of blood. By that time, it is very late already. Sincerity can no longer be measured by the horrible outcome.

Mr. President, we pay for the salary of our soldiers and policemen. To attain peace, killing fellow Filipinos is not an option. We have to remember that our rebels are there because they are fighting for a cause. We do not pay them. They are driven by the ideology to attain freedom by having equality for all. We know that… and this knowledge should be the basis to start something.

Our brothers in the left are not always right but they are for the intellectual development of the working class. They are Communists because for them there is a necessity for total social change. There should be the emancipation of the workers. They oppose exploitation and oppression. President Digong wants to reform society also. That could be the reason why he is pushing for federalism. He wants to decentralize politics in this country to give opportunity to the silent majority.

To attain common goal, we don’t need to kill each other and destroy our abode. Our pride should be swallowed. We do not want to repeat the sin of Cain.

Mr. President, make yourself a hero in the strife. You can do it and can do it well. Go back to the negotiating table before the apocalypse! No joking, please!