A YEARLONG celebration for the Special Year of Grace has led the Archdiocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes to host a Christmas concert in its own front yard. Pasko na Usab will be presented by the Salesian Music Ministry this Saturday. It will not only feature Salesian local acts but also launch the re-staging of “The Musicale: Song of Bernadette.”

Presenting in dedication to Mama Mary, the performers are all Salesian talents, like the Pagdayeg Music Ministry, the PraiStrings, and the newly formed Little Praises Children and Youth Choir. There will also be a special performance of renowned musician Rev. Fr. Jonas Mejares, OSA.

Stage director Mary Rose Villacastin-Maghuyop said “Song of Bernadette” will be restaged to to reignite the spiritual experience the audience felt for the play.

“Song of Bernadette” will be staged on Feb. 16, 17 and 18, 2018.

Apart from entertaining and reinvigorating the faith of the public, the concert’s proceeds would serve as funding for the Salesian Music Ministry’s future projects.

Niño James Bañares, the ministry’s project director, specified that the funds will aid in composing music, publishing song books and making music videos.

Rev. Fr. Randolph A. Figuracion, SDB, who will celebrate his 20th year of priesthood this Friday, urges everybody to celebrate with them, and celebrate everyday miracles.

The event will be part of the Year of Grace Celebration that started last Feb. 11 and will end on Feb. 4. (Tessa Frances Aguilar, USJR Intern)