IS the Provincial Women’s Commission (PWC) still investigating the sexual harassment case filed by a female Capitol employee against Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO) head Baltazar Tribunalo? Or is it just sitting on it? The public deserves to know as it is a serious matter.

The incident happened sometime last June during a mid-year assessment and budgeting session by Capitol’s officials in one of the hotels in the city. The girl, who represented the task force, claimed that Tribunalo grabbed her butt and inserted his hand inside the back of her pants while telling her, “ka-sexy gyud nimo day uy.”

After months of silence, the girl executed an affidavit and filed a complaint last month before the PWC headed by Vice Gov. Agnes Magpale. But before the PWC could start its investigation, Gov. Hilario Davide III defended Tribunalo. He dismissed the allegation saying that politics was behind it. He even questioned the girl’s motive for coming out only now when the incident happened five months ago.

Is Magpale sitting on the case because of this? We want to know the development of the case, Madam. You are known to be an advocate for the welfare and protection of women and children against abuses. But how come you are not interested in pursuing this case? Just asking.

Another case against Tribunalo was his accepting appliances (two air conditioning units and a big flat TV screen) donated (kuno) by an unknown donor. Actually, the appliances were personally given to Tribunalo by a man engaged in sand and gravel business. But these were reportedly mis-delivered to his office at the Capitol instead of to his residence in Balamban. Tribunalo was the former officer-in-charge of the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (Penro).

As a result, he was forced to use the items in his office.

I have already challenged Tribunalo to reveal the identity of the items’ donor and present the acknowledgement receipt. Until now, he refused to reveal the donor. If Governor Davide is “clean” as he projected himself in public, why can’t he impose disciplinary action against Tribunalo?

Another issue that the governor should look into is the alleged immorality at the Provincial Health Office. Two doctors assigned at the office have an “illicit affair.” The man is married but he bore a child from his paramour. Despite the warning by the doctor’s legal wife, who already knew of the affair, the “lovebirds” continued their relationship.

This is common knowledge among employees in that office because of the openness of their display of love and affection. Former Bantay Dagat chief Loy Madrigal was fired by the governor when his photo with his girlfriend, who was his secretary, went viral in social media. Nganong kini wala man lagi aksiyoni sa gobernador? Kay walay photo?

And who is this Capitol department head who is also having a love affair with his job-order employee? Worse, his “paramour” is now poking her fingers into the internal affairs of the office. Mao na kunoy manghawod. Moapil na kuno og interview sa mga aplikante. Naunsa na man intawon ning Kapitolyo ron uy.