A VILLAGE watchman shot dead a man who threatened to kill him on Tuesday night, December 5, in Barangay Giloctog, Barili, Cebu.

Police identified the fatality as Chad Fel Salinas, 24, who succumbed to four gunshot wounds in different parts of his body.

Suspect Wenello Mendoza Jr., 36, surrendered to the village chief, who then turned him over to the police station.

Mendoza claimed that the victim was mad at him after the latter suspected him of working for the police as an informant before the shooting incident happened around 6 p.m.

After hearing Salinas's alleged threat, he went home, grabbed his unlicensed .38 revolver, and attacked the victim.

Investigators are still checking on the background of Salinas.

Mendoza will face murder complaint before the provincial's prosecutor office. (KAL)