GERALD Anderson has found another love from Cebu.

“It’s true,” laughed Anderson. “My new love hails from Cebu, is very generous and family-oriented, and loves to cook all my favorite food.”

His new love is none other than Hukad, part of the Golden Cowrie group of restaurants famed for its classic Cebuano and Filipino comfort dishes served in a modern dining experience. Already a popular restaurant in the Visayas and Mindanao, Hukad is now expanding its reach nationwide with new branches popping up all over Luzon and Metro Manila.

“We’re very pleased to have Gerald Anderson as our endorser for Hukad and Golden Cowrie,” said Kenneth C. Kokseng, general manager of Hukad and Golden Cowrie. “His passion for his life and craft reflect our passion for our food and our service. What’s more, Gerald is part Bisaya so he really is authentic.”

“When I eat Hukad dishes, I always remember how Mom took care of me when I was young. So it’s always nakakabusog ng tiyan at ng puso (filling to the tummy and the heart) when it’s my turn to treat my mom at Hukad,” said the 28-year-old actor, whose mom hails from General Santos City. (PR)