ABOUT a hundred distributors of the organic fertilizers of Rising Yuera Incorporated (RYI) had a motorcade caravan on Friday, December 8, in support of their advocacy for organic farming.

RYI flagship brands King Humus Plus is a powdered fertilizer mostly composed of lignite, a natural substance found forming between peat and coal. Lignite can naturally found underground and is noted to have more humic acid content than other human-made fertilizers.

In order to introduce this product and to encourage more farmers to go into organic farming, RYI conducted a motorcade caravan followed by a gathering program dubbed as Sizzle.

“Our objective really is for people to know what is Rising Yuera is all about especially with our revolutionary agricultural product. We intend really to make it known, not only in Davao City but practically in the whole country,” the senior marketing director of RYI said.

RYI president Jayant Jared Era, for his part, said what they are currently doing is more than just a promoting their product but an awareness campaign for everyone – farmers and consumers alike – to realize that the people’s lifestyle can be changed for the better with organic farming.

During the caravan, local farmers and product distributors from Mindanao were gathered together. Some of these came from South Cotabato, Agusan del Sur and del Norte, General Santos City, and Davao City, while some others were still from Luzon including those from Nueva Vizcaya, Nueva Ecija, and other areas in the northern part of Luzon.

“We are hoping that eventually more will support. The vision of the company is for every food on the Filipino table is organically grown. You won’t be afraid anymore if what you’re eating is full of pesticides, herbicides, or other synthetics fertilizers,” Era said.

When asked why they are advocating for organic farming to be the way observed by farmers, Era said it is mostly because of the health disadvantages brought about by food grown with synthetic fertilizers.

“If we look around us, there are a lot of diseases sprouting. And most of those that are becoming sick are those who eat vegetables. It is because there is rampant use of synthetic fertilizer. We thought they are healthy but it’s actually what causes us harm,” he said.

This statement was also supported by Tony Bacasdoon, RYI organic consultant and independent distributor saying lignite is a natural fertilizer and should be used properly to enjoy its benefits.

“Diabetes, cancer, and other illnesses are very normal and we believe that restoring the land, go back to the natural way of what God prepared for all of us, is really the only way for us to be good stewards of this creation entrusted to us,” Bacasdoon said.