THE Davao Doctors Hospital (DDH) welcomes the competition being posed by different health care players coming into Davao city.

"Actually, we are very glad that they are coming in because it forces us to keep trying to improve. That's why we went into international accreditation, to make us at par with international standards so that we can play with the big boys," said doctor Noel A. Villanueva, DDH medical director, during a media interview at the launch of its new facilities on December 6, 2017.

He also said they will keep up with the competition to remain as among the top health care choice of Dabawenyos.

Raymund CS. Del Val, DDH president and CEO, for his part, said competition is good because it's not only them that will benefit in the competition but also the community.

"Because at the end of the day, it's going to be a share of the mind, share of the heart and share of the wallet," Del Val said.

Villanueva also added that even without the competition, the hospital has already established its goal and vision of being the health care facility that will be great beyond borders.

"It's not geographic, but an institution which can cater to all kinds of patients, whether they require primary care, specialists care, financially well-off or financially challenged. We will deal with those problems and our primary weapon is our dynamism," he said.

Del Val said DDH is supported by 15 partners in Mindanao.

"So we are banking also on the synergies of our other partner hospitals," Del Val said.

Doctor Ronald P. Tangente, the hospital's assistant director for medical education, also added that aside from those mentioned, the hospital also supports its graduates by sending them for further training and scholarship grants.

"So basically, we are looking beyond what is existing situation... So we take that our graduates will be better than us in the near future because they are well-trained and well-supported," he said.

"So even with the challenges and the coming of other hospitals around, our development will not only structural or structured, we are also looking into developing our own graduates," Tangente added.