WHEN looking for the best footwear, being fashionable is definitely not our sole consideration. We also look into other things: price and how comfortable it is when worn.

As someone who has a lot to accomplish day in and day out, I have to be particular in choosing the shoes or sandals I am wearing. Add there the affordability as well, especially that my list of fixed expenses is kind of long. However, being affordable does not mean that we have to sacrifice quality, right?

This start-up business from Davao City surely knows these things. In fact, when she decided to have her own business two months ago, she made sure that what she was about to design would pass her discriminating taste as a fashionista.

Hazel Cristine C. Yusico, 29, shared that she has been addicted to shoes all these years.

“I like shoes. I passionately love them, actually,” she confessed. “Back then, it was really hard for me to find stylish yet comfy shoes.”

“I chose to venture in shoe business because I like to see women who are wearing good shoes - stylish shoes yet comfortable,” she added.

The young owner of HÈLINE Shoes further noted that she does not want to see women who are obviously uncomfortable of their footwear. This, accordingly, would just ruin their entire OOTD (outfit of the day).

To consistently come up with something fresh, Hazel (or Jessa as what her friends call her because of her semblance to singer-actress Jessa Zaragosa) is currently releasing new designs monthly. She plans to make this as a general rule in business.

“Basically, I came up with these designs because I have been searching for shoes that will match my travel OOTDs; shoes that are lightweight and comfy,” the registered nurse said.

With some help from her sister, Hanna Diane, 22, she produces designs both in basic and bold colors.

Hazel is proud to say that she models her own designs. As a certified wise fashionista, it just shows that she is comfortable with HÈLINE Shoes.

When asked why women should patronize her products, she was quick to emphasize that her designs are not only of high quality, but also reflect her nationalistic stance, which is to promote what is uniquely Filipino.

“My shoes are of best quality. Apart from that, I am promoting abaca and other indigenous raw materials that are really unique to our country,” she said.

She also takes pride of her shoemakers “who have decades of experience in the shoemaking industry.”

Personally, I recommend HÈLINE Shoes because of a number of factors: stylish designs, which makes them go well with my daily ensemble; comfortable that I can still run around while wearing them; durable that they can last more than you expected; and I do not go out of their store broke even if I would get more than a pair. By the way, they can customize designs for you, too!

To complete your fashion fix, you can visit them at Cube Bazaar, 3rd Floor, Abreeza Mall, Davao City. You may also search for their Facebook page, HÈLINE SHOES, and contact their mobile number, 09566009105.


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