Friday July 20, 2018

Armed Forces welcome terrorist tagging for NPA

A RANKING official of the Armed Forces of the Philippines has welcomed the recent labeling by President Rodrigo Duterte of the New People's Army (NPA) as terrorists.

In his visit to the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), AFP Chief of Staff General Rey Leonardo Guerrero sees nothing wrong with the labeling but instead supports it.

"This is just consistent with the behavior of the NPA's. What they have been doing are not only criminal acts, but acts of terrorism to which there is nothing wrong on labeling them as such", said Guerrero.

In his three decades of service with the armed forces, Guerrero have always been in the belief of a wrong idealism being projected and promoted by the communist rebels.

"They have never had any idealism. From the very beginning, we have seen their intentions were not only to overthrow the government and change it into communist rule, but also to saw fear and terror to our countrymen," Guerrero pointed out.

The AFP believes the latest branding by the President on the communist group have no effect on the morale of the PMA cadets but instead, gives them more time to focus on their task.

"I don't think that the branding of the NPA's as terrorists have any effect to the morale of the cadets because as far as they are concern, their primary duty and concern is to train, to learn, and to become our future military professional who will soon lead our country," Guerrero added.