Monday July 23, 2018

‘I Got Stung,’ a mesmerizing experience

WHEN put together, these flawless, graceful movements accompanied by a wonderful spectacle, turn ballets into a sight and sound to behold—moving people to tears, laughter; evoking emotions untapped before.

Ayala Center Cebu continues to elevate the spirit of Christmas by bringing back the talented dancers of Steps Dance Studio for another breathtaking show. The event called “I Got Stung” was a ballet production that featured the popular music of iconic singer Sting, choreographed and directed by the veteran jazz dancer and choreographer James Laforteza.

The crowd then suddenly turned into a kind of a riot surrounding the venue with leaps and screams as celebrity heartthrob Piolo Pascual showed up on stage for a special number. The ladies in the crowd got to swoon to the music of Sting performed by Piolo.

The audience members were also mesmerized by the virtuoso dancing of the Steps Dance project with its different dance production, making the music much more than what it was; beautiful, transformed into something more than just a regular piece of music written.

Being stung is really a painful experience. But being stung with an alluring ballet production and a very special guest, spectators would probably rather choose to be stung every now and then. (Liza Marie Caube, USJ-R intern)