IT'S no surprise that most people, if not all, will gain weight during the holiday season. Even the most disciplined ones’ can find it difficult to sustain their diet and fitness routines, as schedules will be filled with all sorts of tempting treats.

But for Smashville Fitness Center supervisor and coach Eric P. Casintahan, there are ways for one to stay on track with their diet and fitness routines in spite of the holiday season. Of course, one must have the willpower to do so, he said.

"To keep your weight and appetite under control, you really have to discipline yourself. You can eat whatever is being served on a table, but not too much. A taste of this and that is good enough to satisfy your cravings," Casintahan said.

Casintahan also said that people must have to take their time eating meals rather than scarfing them down in a hurry. He added that people who eat meals gradually are less likely to become obese and/or develop metabolic syndromes.

Staying fit and healthy will somehow prevent one from getting illnesses, which everyone must be reminded about it. Aside from eating like a sloth, here are the 5 tips how you would enjoy holiday season and still staying in good shape:

1. Plan ahead

Come up with an exercise plan everyday and consider it as an appointment that you should not missed. If you’re out-of-town, have an hour to do it in the morning. Anyone can do an exercise even if you’re inside a house/hotel.

2. Stay hydrated

Drink more than eight glasses of water everyday, especially those who regulary go to the fitness center and those who are sports enthusiast. Water is really helpful to the body, as it keeps you hydrated and your organs running.

3. Have protein rich diet

Eating foods that are rich in protein will help you recover after a workout/exercise. It will also reduce muscle loss, build lean muscle, maintain healthy weight and curb your hunger. Protein as we all know build and repair tissues.

4. Make your holiday fun

To keep one consistently active during the holidays, it would be better if the family and/or a group of friends will engage into activities that will keep them moving. Just sitting around and/or lying down on bed is not an activity.

5. Have 7 to 8 hours of sleep

One thing is for sure, getting enough quality sleep is also a key to a healthy lifestyle. The more you lack sleep, the more you stimulate hunger. Lack of sleep also increases the amount of fat you store and lower your metabolism.

Happy holidays everyone!