BACOLOD City Vice Mayor El Cid Familiaran directed the members of Solid Waste Action Team (Swat) to get a clear documentation of the violators of the "no segregation, no collection" policy.

Familiaran, chairman of Swat, held a meeting with the team members on December 11 at the Bacolod Government Center for the evaluation of the waste segregation policy.

The vice mayor said Tuesday, December 12, that the Swat team strictly enforced the waste segregation and documented the violators on Monday, but the videos and photos were not clear.

"They should get clear videos and photos so that it will not be denied by the violators that they are violating the waste segregation policy," he said.

Familiaran also told the Swat team to take a video or a photo of a landmark of the barangay so that it will not be denied by the village officials that they are not complying with waste segregation.

The names of the violators will be forwarded to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), then the DENR will issue notices to the barangays to impose the penalties to the erring residents.

"It is long overdue, and it is time for the city to implement waste segregation," Familiaran said.

Violators will be fined from P500 to P1,000.

Familiaran said the Swat team will not give any consideration to the violators because until now, only less than 10 percent of the residents and establishments are complying with waste segregation.