Tuesday July 17, 2018

Zumba the holiday calories away

WITH holiday season upon us, it is ever so easy to indulge on decadent food at parties and reunions. Lechon is the ever present ultimate cardiac delight (pun intended)! Of course, life is short and we all deserve to have a good time. Plus, food tastes even better when shared in the company of family and friends.

To combat the holiday binge-eating and prospective added poundage, we have to move and burn the calories out of our systems. Easier said than done, I know. This self-confessed couch potato drags her feet at the thought of working out. But, discovering zumba fitness has been such a blessing because it takes the “work” out of workouts.

I’ve been doing zumba (thanks to the influence of my ever fit and fab friend, Weena Adelante) at the Stonestown Gym with certified ZIN- zumba instructor network-Ryan Padulle Romano. His hip-swinging, stomach-gyrating, and lung-busting dance moves feel more like a party than exercise. And honestly, with Ryan’s zest, friendly demeanor, and enthusiasm; he feels more like a buddy than a teacher.

I am sure the rest of my zumba family would agree that Coach Ryan’s updated playlists make 60 minutes zoom by really fast, as opposed to a treadmill where time feels like it’s arduously crawling at a snail’s pace. In zumba, we are energetic and excited because as the hit song goes: “Life feels better when we’re dancing, yeah, yeah!” Here are some more benefits of zumba:

It’s a TOTAL body workout

Studies indicate that an hour of zumba class can burn from 500 to a thousand calories (depending on the pace). Coach Ryan always emphasizes to us that what we’re doing is at total body workout combining these elements: cardio, muscle conditioning, balance, and flexibility. Zumba helps burn stubborn fats, builds endurance, revs metabolism, and tones muscles. Zumba mixes high and low-intensity moves with a serious dose of AWESOME in each class, giving participants a huge energy boost to finish the workout.

Good for any Fitness Level

Zumba is for everybody and every *body*. Yep, that’s not a typo! Zumba is for everyone—all genders welcome, regardless of age. It is for every body…as in every single body type. The class brings together all types of people, of all fitness levels to sweat and rock it out with dance moves that are easy to follow.
In our Stonestown Gym class, one of my favorite people to groove with is Nanay Trining Unabia; a 73-year-old who is always game to pump it up on the dance floor. To me, personally, she is such an inspiration because when I am feeling tired and I want to give up; and then I see her smiling face, enjoying the music, I end up pushing myself to do more just like her.

Improves Coordination

Coach Ryan makes us dance to a variety of tunes from: Latin, K-pop, Hip-Hop, Sexy Dance, etc; hitting all types of movement, and ergo, muscle groups. Thus, joining a zumba class helps improve grace, balance, and coordination. These are essential qualities that are extremely important to maintain as we get older. Being coordinated, maintaining grace, and having impeccable balance means we lessen our risk of falling/stumbling, which is the number one enemy of aging and brittle bones.

Confidence Booster

Thanks to all that dancing, zumba improves posture, tones muscles, and promotes weightloss. On top of that, all that gyrating, shimmying, and grinding somehow lessens inhibitions and makes a person less self-conscious. Those who do zumba are more attuned with their own bodies, which in a way help in making them feel good about themselves. For me, someone who feels good also looks good. Confidence is the most attractive quality any person can have. Because how can other people see how great you truly are if you can’t even see it yourself?!


Research shows that the upbeat music in zumba releases endorphins, a hormone that triggers positive feelings that make people happy. Honestly, dancing is the perfect stress reliever which helps improve mood and melts worries away. Why be moody, when you can shake your booty instead, right!?

Our Coach Ryan keeps a trendy playlist, interspersed with classic songs like: “Havana”, “Despacito”, “Can’t Hold Us”, “Baby Shark”, “Sumayaw Sumunod”, “Dancing Queen”, and the like. I personally appreciate being able to keep up with my teen millennial children with songs that are “uso” (popular); and at the same time, being able to listen to classic ditties that I grew up with as we dance the hour away.

Meeting New Friends

Attending a zumba class means meeting a bunch of interesting and fun people. Perhaps, of all the benefits of zumba, this is what I am most grateful for. Our Uptown Zumba Enthusiasts family just had our annual Christmas Party at the Skybar of the Xavier Estates Clubhouse, spearheaded by an indefatigable classmate, Noemi Soriano. It was a great night of fun, friends, good food, laughter, soju, and of course, dancing.

Personally, I have met several new friends in class who I’ve gone on coffee dates with or to the movies with (you know who you are *wink*). They say, it is easier to make friends in kindergarten but harder as adults… and zumba totally quashes and disproves that! It is very much possible to forge new, meaningful, adult friendship with like-minded people who value their health, who love to groove, and who promote positivity through dance.

If you’re interested to learn more about zumba classes in Stonestown Gym, please call our super bubbly front desk manager, CherryPie Ocangas at 0926-570-2113 or chat with her on FB using her name. In our zumba class, no one cares if you can’t dance well…what matters is you just GET UP and DANCE!


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