THE Department of Trade and Industry in Davao Region (DTI 11) reported that the Netherlands is the region's biggest export destination as of the first half of 2017.

Citing data from the Philippine Statistics Authority in Davao Region (PSA 11), export value to the Netherlands was pegged at $159.07 million. Data from the statistics agency also showed that a bulk of the commodity being exported to the Netherlands were crude coconut oil at around $148 million.

Edwin O. Banquerigo, DTI 11 assistant regional director, during the DTI 11 Media Interface on Tuesday at the Pinnacle Hotel and Suites, said Netherlands, which is a major transhipment hub in Europe, is not the final destination of most commodities that are being exported there.

He said some of these continue to other European destinatons and Netherlands served as the entry point for some of the goods.

Trailing behind the Netherlands is Japan, which reported an export value of $151.54 million. Bulk of the exports to Japan were fresh or dired bananas and plantains at $115.28 million; fresh or dried pineapples at $13.43 million; and other fruits at $1.58 million.

The third largest export destination for Davao Region commodities is China with an export value of $83.19 million. Bananas remain to be the top export commodity to china at $54.24 million. The remaining are other commodities that also inclued pineapples, rubber, and other fruits.

Also part of the 10 major export destinations for Davao commodities include South Korea ($68.79 million), Malaysia ($50.39 million), Hong Kong ($46.73 million), United States ($45.87 million), United Arab Emirates ($20.19 million), Iran ($19.63 million), and Italy ($12.403 million).