Saturday July 21, 2018

Ideas for stocking stuffers

IF you were waiting for payday weekend or your 13th month pay to come in before you did your Christmas shopping, now is a good weekend to do it. What if you have 10 girls in the barkada or 10 kikay cousins or colleagues? If you want to make sure no one is left out but have a budget to stick to, check out some good finds for P200 or less that I’ve tested myself:

Miniso Matte Loose powder (P99)

This little tub of powder is great for oil control and actually does the job better for me than another one by a Korean brand that’s more than twice the price. However, I’m not sure if this is compatible with sensitive skin. This also doesn’t provide coverage, so it’s best for just touching up oily areas.

Miniso eyeshadow pencil (P99)

It was pretty much love at first swatch in the store with this jumbo eye pencil. These creamy shimmer pencils glide on effortlessly and are easy to blend on the eyelids. I was also impressed that on me, the pencil lasted at least six hours before it started creasing. I recommend prepping your eyes first with concealer and powder to help cream products stick on better. You can also use these as eyeshadow bases to intensify the color and prolong the wear of powder shadows.

Dearberry Miss Monalisa eyebrow pencil (P131 from Beauty Manila)

I’ve mentioned this pencil before and based on the five-star product rating, it seems a lot of other girls love it too. It’s pigmented but doesn’t go on harshly at all, and it has lasted me through 12K runs without melting down my face. I also like that it’s retractable so that I don’t need to bring a separate sharpener when I travel with it. I definitely have backups for myself because it’s the one brow product I cannot do without anymore.

Yoyoso facial cleansing brush (P149)

I’m afraid I couldn’t find a photo of the particular one I’m talking about, but it’s the one with a longer green handle. Now that I’ve found this, I’m definitely not going back anymore to the more expensive brand I was using for a long time. This is super soft and gentle enough to use every night. I look forward to evenings so I can use this baby!