CHRISTMAS is the time of the year when we celebrate with thanksgiving in our hearts with our families for all the great things that has happened for the whole year.

Davao Digitial Influencers (DDI), a Davao City-based community of bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers, recently had its Christmas Party last December 17, at the Seekhana Study Hub in Marfori, Davao City.

As this is the time for families to get together, instead of having a regular Christmas party, which is usually done with much fanfare, DDI wanted something more intimate and simple, a kind of Christmas party that will allow its members to bond and enjoy one another's presence.

Hence, the group had a Christmas party that can only be described as a family night.

Instead of having food catered, DDI had a potluck dinner where each member was encouraged to bring food that will be shared and enjoyed by everyone.

The heart of giving was in each member who went to the party as almost everyone brought delicious food. Be it one large bilao of JDJ Dimsum Dynasty's dimsum, Pastil Queen's pastil, or sweet and indulgent cakes from Lachi's, the members did not hold back when it came to food.

After the delicious dinner, we also enjoyed some really fun and wild games that are already border line PG-13 for a family party. Despite having Seekhana Study Hub all to ourselves, it seems like our shouts and cheers can be heard beyond the study hub. It was a riot, in a good way.

A Christmas party is not complete without the traditional exchange gifts portion. What we did was we placed the gifts in the middle; then the members form a circle around it. We then passed around this container of chocolates while the music plays. When the music stops and whoever the container ends up with, will get to choose any of gifts in the pile.

The party brought out the talents of the members too. Raising the bar at the beginning of the party was couple Winner and Shen Asidor who gave a soothing and wonderful impromptu duet of "Hanggang Ngayon". It was impromptu and they nailed the performance. Andrew Topinio, Willy Salvaña, Yvonne Moreno, and Vanessa Mabini also gave a charming performance. The others, including me, also gave something close to a performance.

It was a wild night full of laughter, smiles, and love. Truly, spending Christmas with your family is always a great way to spend the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas and to an amazing 2018 Team DDI!