Bzzzzz: Same-sex marriage rule; councilors’ dress code

DID you know that under House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez’s bill allowing same-sex marriage, which it euphemistically calls civil partnership, a major requirement is that the couple who applies for a license must have shared the same “domicile” for at least two years preceding the application?

The existing rule under the Family Code is that a couple who has lived together as husband and wife for five years doesn’t need a marriage license. Only an affidavit stating their “live-in” status and declaring they have no legal impediment to marry is required.

Under the same-sex marriage bill, the “living in” is a prerequisite for the license.

Why they look good

For those who wonder why Cebu City Council members are usually “dressed to kill” during its sessions, it’s not for the sometimes bruising skirmishes between rivals BOPK and Barug Team Rama.

And it’s not solely due to the presence of TV and newspaper cameras, although it’s compelling reason to look good before media audience.

The City Council has a dress code, required under its house rules: for men, long-sleeved or short-sleeved barong Pilipino, coat and tie or business attire, or long-sleeved shirt with tie; for women, long-sleeved dress, suit or barong Pilipino. Women councilors can’t show shoulders.

And a complete no-no is wearing denim, although a reporter swears he sees “Hons” in denim pants with barong or coat.

Still unequalled in City Council history is the record set by then councilor Ernesto Elizondo who often contended, and was not refuted, that he never wore the same barong twice in all the sessions during his 1998 term. He was ready to show a certification from his Manila tailor on the number of barongs he ordered every month.

‘Dry’ sinulog

Think of no alcoholic drinks within a 300-meter radius from the grand parade in 2018. It will be the “driest” Sinulog mardi gras yet.



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