SOME 1,000 buses are seen to ply the streets of Davao City once the city's public utility vehicles (PUV) modernization plan is fully implemented by 2021.

"The City Mayor (Sara Duterte Carpio) maintains her position that she wants modern transport system in the city. Based on the studies conducted by the ADB (Asian Development Bank) for Davao City, since 2010, we remain with the recommendation that the most effective...[means] to address the mass transport system concern of the city is the high priority bus system (HPBS), said Davao City Planning and Development Office head Ivan C. Cortez, who was a guest in yesterday's edition of Wednesday's at Habi at Kape at the Abreeza Ayala Mall.

He added, "In a HPBS we need around a thousand buses plying the entire network. These buses will replace the 7,577 PUJs (public utility jeepney) plying the city."

Cortez said the entry of the buses will be gradual during the six month window period.

He said the buses will be part of the loan package from ADB.

"For this particular project, DOTr (Department of Transportation) will be the project proponent while Davao City will be the project implementor or beneficiary," Cortez said.

At present the ADB and DOTr are revaluating the loan package.

"The start of the implementation will be during the term of Mayor Duterte-Carpio. The implementation will start from the acquisition of the road right-of-way," he said.

Cortez said they want to ensure that once the mayor leaves the office, the infrastructure that is needed -- like reconfigured intersections or stations -- for the full implementation of the modernization is already in place.

"Everything has been identified already, including the intersections that need reconfiguration," he said.

As for the operators of the buses, they are looking into three to five bus operators.

Cortez said one of the most crucial part of the PUV modernization in the city is its social component.

"We want to provide them (the stakeholders) the opportunity to be part of the new system as an investor or an employee," he said.

Cortez pointed out that having an effective mass transport system will help decongest the streets as it will lessen the need of individuals or families to purchase vehicles as they will now have an option to ride public transport.