IF they aren’t as secret anymore as they should be, blame partly the Facebook accounts of at least five members of the “Davao Boys.”

Said to lead drug kills in Quezon City, the Davao Boys dominated the city’s police station Six, most of them “imports” from Davao City where they must have honed their skill in getting the men they hunt.

They hide their names but not so well. They just write them backwards, e.g. Selrahc Nalomis is Charles Simolan. They post photos and report activities for their friends and the public to see.

The Davao Boys have been made “sikat” internationally because of a long and extensive report by Claire Baldwin and Andre R.C. Marshall of the wire news agency Reuters.

They talk Bisaya

Davao-Bisaya, which is mostly similar to Cebuano-Bisaya, gave them away. During their “kill” raids, the Davao Boys reportedly spoke to one another in their native tongue, which Metro Manila folk recognized.

What a way to promote and popularize the Bisaya language.

Imelda in ‘U24’ list

Was Rep. Imelda Marcos, the former First Lady, included in the list of 24 “undesirable” House members, whose pet projects were scrapped, because she was uncooperative to the administration or because of her daughter Governor Imee?

Maybe both. Imelda voted against the death penalty bill (House Bill #4727) last March 7, one of 54 who voted “no” and against the first extension of martial law (until Dec. 31 this year) last July 22, one of 23 “no” voters. It’s not clear if she also voted against the second extension of martial law (until Dec. 31, 2018). Those are the major bills pushed by the Duterte administration.

But there were others who also have the same voting record but are not in Alvarez’s list. Thus the speculation that it could be because of Imee who has a running feud with House Majority Leader Rody Farias. The “sin” of the daughter visiting on the mother?