THE Central Negros Electric Cooperative (Ceneco) will conduct a conference with the intervenors in Bacolod City in January regarding their application for approval of over/under recoveries totaling P414.6 million.

Lawyer Vicente Petierre, legal counsel of intervenor Social Action Center (SAC), said on Thursday, December 21, that Ceneco will hold a conference with them to explain how they came up their computation on over/under recoveries.

He said that of the P414.6 million, the systems loss of Ceneco totaled P75 million.

“The SAC along with the other intervenors cannot accept the P75-million systems loss which even Ceneco cannot identify which is the technical and the non-technical losses,” he added.

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) had earlier ordered Ceneco to conduct another conference with the intervenors on their application for approval of over/under recoveries totaling P414.6 million.

In 2012, Ceneco had filed an application for approval of over/under recoveries in the implementation of automatic cost adjustments and true-up mechanisms and corresponding confirmation process under ERC Resolution No. 16, Series of 2009, as amended by Resolution No. 21, Series of 2010.

The over/under recoveries covered the period from 2004 to 2011.

Ceneco acquired a formula or template from ERC to determine the under recovery.

Petierre said Ceneco should also explain how out of the P 414 million, they came up with the P296-million under-recovery in 2011.

He added that Ceneco also claimed that the classification of the electric cooperative dropped from A + to A.

“This should be attributed to mismanagement of Ceneco that they dropped from A+ to A. It is good that we will have a conference so that the intervenors will understand their claims,” he added.

After the conference, the intervenors will submit their position papers to ERC for the resolution of the case.

Lawyer Rhett Roswell Mislang, ERC hearing officer, had earlier said that before they will release a position paper or memoranda, they want some more clarifications first from Ceneco and the intervenors.