Fernando: Justice in crisis

IS JUSTICE as sweet as it sounds when it is claimed by means of manner deviating from the standard? We know from someone else story, or even from our own experiences about crimes and wrong doings that were done and committed yet the doers remain at large because of influence affected by money and power, or the inefficiency of the justice system. It may be a subject of right and wrong but for some justice is justice no matter how it is achieved.

It is for goodness sake. The old saying goes that good always prevails at the end. This is almost true when we are looking at life base on fiction-based movies and half-way true when we try to focus on reality. Some are just bit concerned about news telling how others successfully manipulate some people especially what society calls the marginalized. It is saddening for most when a news break out about how a criminal or a sociopath escape the gnashing teeth of the law because of reasons unfavorable to fairness and incomprehensible to the common sense. Others would just scowl in disbelief and cower in grief on such cases questioning whether the belief of goodness prevailing at the end means the reward we get after earth life while others would play on the notion if it can be realized on earth.

The flaws of the justice system in the country is mostly to blame for these unfortunate events. Cases are tried after some serious delay. Postponement after postponement are done and the man behind prison remain in that desolate cell not knowing what time could have possibly stored for him for not anybody knows if he is to be freed or not which is supposedly decided by trial but which remain silent because there is no trial waiting since it is move again. They are innocent until proven guilty. That’s what the law says. However innocent people have stayed in jail longer than they supposed to be or have stayed in jail for long which in the first place they are not supposed to be but because of the turtle-pace movement of justice. They are put there wondering where on earth did justice hide itself. If the aggrieved parties rely on this justice-seeking system then truly they should expect to wait for time close to forever.

It’s for peace. It is definitely for others, for the world to make it in their thinking, a better place to live in. in order for a plant to grow healthily the weeds which kill or hindrances its growth must be terminated. There is this belief that the best intention can alter the nature of the action. It is peace and order they pursue and the people who violate this undertaking are believed not to deserve to live with others. Again for them it is called justice. And if there is justice there is peace. Peace is partly the absence of crimes and its elements.

Some choose fate to judge them in then whether their action is unacceptable or the most proper especially in the kind of situation we are put to. The country is creeping with unreasonable men who do nothing but to take advantage of their fellows and if the remaining few remain silent and waiting for the miracle justice that comes from the courts there will come a time when adults find it impossible to explain their children the actual meaning of peace.

Lesson must be learned. Every act whether it is a good one or the contrary has a corresponding consequence. If a good thing is done the person must be rewarded and if the other commits a mistake he must be penalized for this is how people learned. Without consequences experience will cease to become the best teacher because only the penalty or the result of an experience will it help the person realize whether the act must be done in the future again or an act to be avoided. If people are not punished with their wrong doings there will be no realization of the gravity of the act and its nature.

There is nothing sweeter for a family who has lost a love one, or a victim of an accident than the present of a swift justice. They can no longer put the life of their dead back. Even justice is served at the end if it is unreasonably delayed then it is wasted. We have the proper authorities who are task to provide justice for the grieving, the victims, especially the poor. For as they say, those who have less shall have more in law. However this is not what we witness mostly in a day but the contrary. Delayed justice, or no justice at all. The corrupts walks out in jail in no time, the criminals regain freedom sooner than expected, and crime doers continue to walk along the street as if the world has accepted this norm. It is not far when people start to seek justice with their own hands and accept the consequence only to taste the sweet part of justice even it is in the form of vengeance. If the justice system is not serious fixing its flaws he will have more problem in the future who she will run after first, whether the crime doers or the justice-seekers.
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