DAVAO City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio said that the demolition of some houses of illegal settlers on flood affected area specifically, Bankerohan area has been approved by the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor (PCUP).

“Before the flood happened we have already issued notices of danger zones in Bankerohan. We were hampered act on it because we need clearance from PUCP but there has been a problem with the agency because of the removal of officials, but after we checked, we found that there is already clearance from PCUP,” she said in the vernacular.

Part of the PCUP’s mandate is to “evaluate post and on-going shelter-related projects of the government in squatter and resettlement areas in consultation with beneficiary communities, and recommend appropriate actions thereon to the President”.

Duterte-Carpio said that she already directed the city administrator’s office to demolish after January 1 should there be no flood that will hit the area in the remaining days of 2017.

“I already told the City administration’s office to offer masses at San Pedro, that there will be no flood from now on until December 31, so that they can demolish after January 1,” she said.

She added that the City Housing has already finished the tagging those qualified to be relocated to Los Amigos.

“If they are not qualified they cannot be included in the masterlist. The city housing, they already have a criteria required by law if they are qualified for the relocation,” she said.