THANK you. The year has come to an end (too quickly, I felt) and I have to say thank you to the Universe for another wonderful year of travel.

I knew there would be less traveling, if not no traveling in 2017 with a big project slated for the year. Funds will have to be channeled for that undertaking. The “once a year go someplace you’ve never been before”, a Dalai Lama rule I abide by, wasn’t going to happen, I thought.

But no, the Universe will not have it. JeepneyJinggoy had to keep moving and explore. In fact, I was able to see two new places in my bucket list.

To kick off the year’s travel, I went to Palawan with my Davao travel clique, thanks to my best friend who arranged the entire trip to the posh Coron resorts. I have yet to write about this adventure but summing it all up, it was four days in paradise, speedboating from one island to another and lavishing the sun and sea in a far-flung island resort we had to ourselves.

From the islands we flew to the Big Mango. I may be a regular visitor of the city but this trip was reliving the very first visit. With Bangkok first-timers, I felt their excitement (and unease with the notorious traffic jam) and enjoyed the tour to the temples, elephant ride, and most especially the cuisine.

From the hot and humid Bangkok, the group moved to cold Hong Kong. Although the visit was meant for a food trip, the ladies can't resist shopping. I was happy to have high tea at the Peninsula, the Peking Duck at Peking Garden, and shopping at Watsons for a couple of Tiger Balm muscle pain ointment.

Thanks to beauty pageant judging stint, I made it back to Mati City. The trip was more than just to witness the brains behind the beauties, it was also seeing the attractions of the city from a different point of view—from up in the air.

Must do in Mati is an aerial tour of the city in an ultralight plane of the Mindanao Saga Flying Club. The 15-minute tour of the Davao Oriental city above ground was breathtaking.

Of course, waking up to a beautiful sunrise seen from the secluded resort by the famed Dahican Cove should not be missed as well.

Dumaguete was on my bucket list and I ticked it off the list when Cebu Pacific launched a direct flight to the city. It was a trip intended purely for a culinary adventure, having heard how good the food is in the place.

Eat and sleep was what I did with a couple of friends who decided to join me. The tour was strictly done on foot and tricycle within the city limits and nothing beyond no matter how tempting the attractions were.

I returned to Bangkok for the annual birthday escape cum business trip. It was made special with an upgrade to PAL’s Business Class. It was one of the best birthday gifts I received.

See, no matter how much one tries to hold off a passion, the Universe has its way of making things happen. Just ask for it.

What’s in store for 2018? I foresee myself traveling to distant places enjoying the sand and sea, and the bloom of the seasonal flowers. I already asked these from the Universe.


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