LOOKING your best on your wedding is definitely what every woman dreams of. Who does not want to be the most beautiful bride, anyway?

With this goal in mind, the bride-to-be makes sure that every detail of her big day is carefully planned: from how the church will be decorated to the motif of the reception. Apart from these requirements, she also gets extra meticulous when it comes to her looks when the said day comes: from her make-up to the wedding dress she is going to wear.

Talking about the wedding dress to wear on that extra special event in a woman’s life, class and luxury could be among the most important requirements.

Leo Almodal, a fashion designer who has a remarkable experience of almost two decades, has been committed to only provide both class and luxury to his clients.

“Nowadays, in the country, I can say that whenever one sees a fully beaded gown with Swarovski crystallized details, some say that it’s very Almodal. I mix class with luxury,” he shared.

He also emphasized that he sees to it that his creations will never be out-dated.

“I see to it that clients would say they get their money’s worth. I am an artist more than a businessman. I make sure that I am satisfied first before I present each order to my clients. I feel that if I am happy with the outcome of my work, my clients would also feel the same,” he added.

With the numerous fashion design houses that have been sprouting all over these days, Leo said that workmanship is what he really sets him apart from his competitors; ensuring that each crystallized detailing is created from scratch and comes from his own creativity.

“I design it myself and it’s my own style. Laced beadworks are hand sewn and I dedicate time in seeing to it that the client’s best features could be seen while wearing my masterpiece. Fit of the gown is very important for me. It’s not just the artistry that needs to be seen but the gown and bride should complement each other,” he said.

Drawing inspiration from nature, architecture, music and the arts, animation and movies, Leo comes up with every design that is intricately planned out together with his clients.

“I give my heart and mind in every gown I create. I see to it that value for money is worth it, and at times, more than that as I do not stop unless my vision already comes to reality. If they want to wear a bridal gown that is classy, luxurious, detailed and feminine, essentially a work of art and if they wanted to see their finest features during their wedding day, we are just one contact away from their dream wedding dress,” the highly-skilled and well-loved fashion designer said.

Despite his being based in the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila, Leo disclosed that 70 percent of his clients come from abroad.

“My biggest clients so far are from the United States, Africa and United Kingdom. Most of them are brides who love crystallized detailing and intricate lace and beadworks, brides who want a gown that hugs their curvy bodies well whether they’re plus-sized or not,” he said.

So, how does the Leo Almodal Haute Couture deal with them considering the distance between them and their clients?

“In these cases, my coordinator schedules a video chat with me and the client to discuss the details of her gown. I see to it that I also educate her on how to get proper body measurements. Since they’re far from me, there is no personal fitting needed but I came up with reliable solutions in order for their gowns to fit them well,” he narrated.

“So far, I am able to achieve each clients to have a gown that fits them like a glove. And most of them are surprised of the positive outcome. From this process for client’s abroad, we also offer this to customers from the other islands or from other provinces or cities in the country who doesn’t have time to visit my showroom for the body measurements and talk with me personally. But we still encourage our clients if they can, to visit our showroom to fit their gowns and meet me personally and have a bit of a chat,” he continued.

Seeing the fashion industry as more competitive five years from now, this makes Leo to be motivated to give more and do more for his own brand to keep up with the competition and even emerge as a big name.

“There would be many styles coming out but still, classic designs would prevail. I envision Leo Almodal Haute Couture to be a global brand, fully established and stable in five years: a company that is continuously growing, offering world class gown masterpieces worldwide,” he noted.

By the way, aside from bridal gowns, Leo can make you stand out as well in your classy and luxurious ensemble if you’re about to walk the red carpet or strut the runway.

To get a glimpse of Leo’s world class designs, visit www.almodal.com. They can likewise be reached by calling, texting, or adding them up on Viber and WhatsApp: +639175365401.


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