TWO more trips to dreamland and we’ll be welcoming another year to our earthly existence. Before I convey my warm greetings though, let me first ask you what transpired in your recent observance of Christmas.

Did it live up to your expectations? Were you able to give smiles to some people who were expecting something to uplift their spirits? Did you receive what you expected or at least something that made you realize that life is not unfair after all?

Have a bountiful and blissful new year, everyone!


News reports and social media posts say that noise brought about by firecrackers and other pyrotechnics last Christmas eve and the days after had decreased. In my locality, the same trend had been observed.

I’m not sure though if accidents (?) from firecracker blasts have also dwindled. If so, well and good! If it’s the implementation of the law (?) or other regulations or simply the people’s positive response to advisories and pleas to avoid loss of life and limbs that brought on to such results, then it’s a welcome development.


Due to some out-of-town commitments, I still have to watch an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival. So far, how many movies have you already watched?

Compared to the entries last year which were described to be of the indie-films genre, which do you think is better? Quality-wise, I was satisfied with the lineup last year although I was only able to watch about half of the entries.

How true is it that this year’s entries did not live up to expectations revenue-wise?