Friday July 20, 2018

Bacoleños told to observe ban on prohibited firecrackers

THE Bacolod City Council approved a resolution urging Bacolodnons to strictly observe the banning of “boga” and other prohibited firecrackers during the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The resolution, authored by Councilor Bartolome Orola, was approved during the regular session of the City Council on Wednesday, Dcember 27.

Orola said banning “boga” with other prohibited firecrackers, particularly in the New Year event, will lessen firecracker-related incidents, more particularly among young people and children.

He said many incidents recorded in police offices nationwide occurred mostly during the celebrations on Christmas or in New Year’s eves.

Orola noted that among the prohibited firecrackers listed by Philippine National Police include “boga,” considered to be unsafe, dangerous, and even deadly.

He said firecracker-related incidents were recorded particularly in the course of children’s play, wherein children accidentally hit their playmates, resulting to hospitalization and even death.

“Convinced of the threat due to the indiscriminate employment of this improvised gun using marble as its bullet, possession of boga has been illegal under City Ordinance No. 08-14-688 or an ordinance declaring the possession of ‘boga’ as illegal in Bacolod,” he said.