AND A lot of moments in between, all of them memorable and unforgettable, because whether the emotional component of the experience is positive or negative, the mind and probably, more so, the heart will always remember and will never forget.

Janus is the Roman god of transitions; he with the double -faced head with one face looking backwards and the other looking forward. Janus is the god from which the first month of every year is named after; the first month which just a few nights ago must have been getting a lot of advice, warnings, precautions and endorsements from a December month which will never be seen again in the chronological history of mankind.

The year that is about to say adieu, 2017 would be regarded differently and that is an understatement. Depending on one's status in life, 2017 could have been the most joyous year if you are on the receiving end of all the blessings ordinary mortals would pray for from an Almighty, whatever name they call him; be it material wealth or the things that bring a comfortable life.

But 2017 could swing to the other end- that is the saddest and probably the worst year for those who lost a loved one in the so many wars and battles -whether these skirmishes were political in nature, religious and personal, the loss of properties, which were the fruits of years of hard work and worse, a beloved- a father, son, daughter, brother, sister and even just a friend will leave a deep scar in both our minds and hearts.

Some persons- bless their kind hearts- shared the rather shallow joy and happiness they felt while celebrating Christmas in the warmth and comfort of their homes, with their dining table laden with goodies, when at the back of their minds, there are children elsewhere, shivering from the cold, wind and rain or a distraught father still looking and searching for a missing child- carried by the flood or buried in a landslide? Many people, myself included, ask, "where is God in all these happenings"?

Friends of mine, catholic and from other Christian denominations are quick to assure that God is good all the time, and that everything happens for a reason. Faith makes us understand beyond what human reason cannot explain and our hearts make it easier or less difficult that perhaps, there are lessons from all these happenings.

Looking back at the two-faces of Janus, the back facing side is full of lessons from the past, and in all certainty, admonishing, encouraging, even teaching the forward looking face to learn from it, hopefully to ensure a happier safer and more fulfilling future which is the New Year

Adieu and thank you 2017, Welcome 2018. God bless us all!

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