Friday July 20, 2018

Of Apples and Lemons: 2017 in Davao

IT’S the last day of the year. 365 days flew too quickly with Davao experiencing the busiest time to date. The influx of business is just too overwhelming. Yes, good for the economy but with it is the price of progress. Road traffic has never been heavier.

Tests came for the Davaoeños on the yearend. Just like the other hurdles, we will overcome these challenges.

On the brighter side, a number of new businesses opened this year that thrilled the shopaholics, fashionistas and foodies.

The SM malls were active in filling its spaces with retailers like Miniso, . Perhaps the most exciting to the clothing brand to enter Davao is Uniqlo. The Japanese brand is a personal favorite. The selections are basic yet timely and of good quality. 5/5 Apples for Uniqlo and SM.

Marks and Spencer is another brand that stays relevant to its market in Davao. Since its opening, its marketing campaign that features Davao personalities has made the UK brand endearing to its local target clientele. 5/5 apples.

Red meat is back on my diet and it’s been a while since I enjoyed a good steak. I like how Bondi & Bourke cooks its steaks—salt, pepper and grilled to perfection. 5/5 apples.

The new Munchtown along Torres Street is another go-to place for good affordable bites of steak. The restaurant has included grilled fare to it menu and earning high score are the skewered Black Angus Riblets and Ox Tongue. They cook a mean pizza as well and they offer a two for 1 deal every payday. 5/5 apples.

On the appreciation of everything local, did you notice how the Kadayawan is back to its more colorful and festive state? With all the sectors participating the 2017 festival was very organized and yes, very exciting. Looking forward to more exciting times in the coming years. 5/5 apples to everyone involved.

In fashion, Mindanao fashion is making a mark. Local designers have come up with a winning formula by modernizing the look. Forget the all-original fabrications and accessories and go for the inspiration. Two designers are quite successful in interpreting Mindanao and are now selling their designs quite well. 5/5 apples.

In decorating, more Mindanawons are appreciating Mindanao products. T’nalak Home, for one, say that more Dabawenyos are decorating their homes and establishments with their locally made products. Abreeza Mall, Seda Abreeza, Marco Polo Davao, among the few which utilized the products for its Christmas decorations, which look very classy by the way. 5/5 apples for T;nalak Home and its patrons.

Congratulations to all the apples winners. Looking forward to a fantastic 2018 for Davao!

Now for some lemon hurling.

These young corporate people have a lot to learn. In an art exhibit opening of large company, PR girl didn’t seem to care who she sent the invites to. She didn’t even bother to look at who was signing the guest book.

When one media person asked permission to take photos of the exhibit before the event started because he can’t stay long, PR girl dropped her bomb; “Ay hindi ka mag stay? May give-away pa naman kami.” Talaga girl, merong reward?

Ako din may give-away for you. Here are 5/5 lemons. You’re a liability for the company you work for. Award ka ngayon.


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