Friday July 20, 2018

Gacad: Let the games begin

IT'S 2018 and guess what? This year's match has just started. Still hung over? Still feeling stuffed inside? Start facing the music and look ahead to a new adventure, a brand new (or refurbished) you, another 363 days of whatever you'll make of it.

Bo Sanchez said that if you have a light bulb that isn't working, you throw that light bulb away and get a new one. That way, you don't end up collecting busted bulbs all throughout the year (unless you're in the business of putting up a museum of busted light bulbs). Leave the garbage and clutter of 2017 behind and learn from the experience. It's forward march starting today.

New Year's resolutions are afresh. Remember how many resolutions you made the previous years? Do you also remember how many you managed to accomplish? Sounds funny, right? Statistics accordingly show that around 40 percent of the world population no longer make New Year's resolutions. The reason? Well they remain to be resolutions. In fact, they're mostly repeated resolutions from years past. Start being realistic. Go one step at a time.

Over five percent of Filipinos are Tsinoys of mixed Filipino and Chinese heritage. Chinese New Year is therefore looked forward to by many Filipinos. In 2018, Chinese New Year falls on Friday, 16 February. The New Year is a celebration of the end and beginning of a year based on the lunar calendar. The holiday celebrates the events of the past year, while ushering in good fortune for the upcoming year. The Chinese Horoscope 2018 predicts that this year of the Brown Earth Dog is going to be a good year in all respects, but it will also be an exhausting year.

As we get ready to meet the New Year and leave the bittersweet memories of 2017 behind, here are few messages and greetings to wish everyone a great and blessing-filled 2018 ahead:

"It is the time to start anew. May the universe bless you in surprising and joyful ways."

"Wishing you a year filled with new hopes, joys and beginnings. Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow."

"A new year has arrived and the possibilities are endless. Expecting your smiles to become even bigger in 2018."

"Wishing you a happy and fun-filled year ahead. Thanks for all the fun, and lovely moments we shared May we have lots more in the glorious New Year."

Kampai . . .