I HAVE read books on psychotherapy dealing on suicides. Sigmund Freud wrote something to the effect that those who commit suicide desire to kill others but couldn’t do so, so they turn their desire on themselves.

It’s not easy to recognize suicidal persons until it is too late. Suicidal persons feel unloved, uncared for and neglected. They could have been abused or oppressed by their parents or guardians. When they kill themselves they want to punish their parents and want them to suffer.

Suffering grief for a lover’s neglect or infidelity could be secondary reason for suicide. Depression because of chronic illness is another.

The suicide victim simply rejects life, because had he accepted it he would have learned the principles of living. People who do evil do not carew about their lives.

Most suicide victims doubt the existence of God or do not believe He exists. Worse, they hate themselves and their parents. They don’t value their lives. They are so prideful they deny they have problems. They won’t seek help until it’s too late.

But some causes of suicides are deeply rooted. It is in the genes of the person. It is mysterious. Just like what caused Cain to kill his brother Abel out of envy.

At present, it is very rare for a person to kill because of envy. Who gave Cain the idea to kill? There were no violent people or shows during their time.

To would-be suicide victims, I say, love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, don’t expect others will. Balue your life. If you don’t value it, don’t expect others will. Find a worthy cause and support it. You will find happiness and strength there. You will never think of suicide again.--Chito E. Germino of Paknaan, Mandaue City