SENATOR Grace Poe is proposing for an extensive repair of the metro rail transit (MRT) following major glitches in 2017.

Poe said the frequent breakdowns is a sign of far more serious problems of the MRT, which may require a shutdown for it to be thoroughly repaired.

"The frequent breakdowns of the MRT, especially during the latter part of 2017 only tells us that the current system is already on its last leg," Poe said.

The senator warned the Department of Transportation (DOTr) to act “with urgency” on the problem, saying the commuting public would suffer if a temporary shutdown will occur.

The DOTr must plan for an alternative mass transport system if MRT operations would temporarily be suspended, Poe said, adding that the lack of alternative mass transport systems can only mean greater woes for the riding public.

"But extensive repair might mean the need to put operations on hold, and without an alternative mass transport system to replace it, this would bring commuters greater woes. This is the challenge that the government should solve Asap," Poe added. (PS Jun M. Sarmiento/SunStar Philippines)