LAST year travel plans were held back, but luckily, I was able to travel to two bucket-listed places and return to a few places I love to visit.

This year, jeepneyjinggoy is revving up the travel engines and zoom to faraway places in the bucket list—and revisit places I cannot get enough of. What’s on the wish list? Here’s it is.

Sakura in Japan (again).

I chased the cherry blossoms on their peak blooms in the most recent spring visit to Japan. I hopped on the train and went as far as Odawara to walk under the canopies of the delicate blooms. I can't (or will never) get enough of them.

My first hanami was with friends in Ueno Park, one of the most popular hanami spots in Tokyo. I had a blast and I want to do it again perhaps in another prefecture.

It would be good to see the blooms in another area and the Lake Kawaguchi area is in the Yamanashi Prefecture in calling. A couple of nights in the area would be great.

Two other places I need to see in Tokyo is the Ginza Six and the Yayoi Kusama Museum in Shinjuku.

While in the country, I might as well venture to other cities. A concrete plan will materialize soon.


I don’t know when my interest with the sphinx and the pyramids started. Was it before I took the History of Architecture class in college, I can’t recall. Egypt was an early entry in my bucket list. Last year my good friend expressed her interest in visiting the place and egging me to go with her. I have a strong feeling that I’ll make it there this year.

While in the area, I might as well visit Petra and check out the Wadi Musa ancient ruins.

Panglao Island in Tagbilaran.

A direct flight to Tagbilaran from Davao and a couple of night complimentary stay in Bluewater Panglao Resort are very good reasons to return to Tagbilaran. Plus, it would be good to reconnect with my relatives I haven't seen in ages and I’m not referring to the tarsiers. Need I say more?

Seoul, Korea.

I’ve been meaning to go to Seoul but it hasn’t happened — yet. I will ask the Universe to let me go this year. What do I want to see? The cosmetic surgery clinics. LOL.

It’s the people, the food and the interesting spots like the Mural Village.

These are the places on the list this year. But I like surprises and I will welcome them as it come. Last year’s surprise was the trip to Dumaguete and I fell in love with the place.

I’m ready to go, but first, let me renew my passport.


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