IT’S the fifth day of the new year but I feel it’s not too late to greet and wish you, dear readers, a happy, fruitful and satisfying 2018.

The year is said to be that of the Earth Dog characterized by independence, loyalty, sincerity, decisiveness, valiance and responsibility.


Watching some of the movies in the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) is one of the “musts” for me. The first MMFF entry that I watched was “Ang Larawan.” It’s not always that we encounter a musical film, much more, a locally made one.

Having been adjudged as the 2017 MMFF Best Picture added to the attraction of the movie. It was indeed a good project although there were instances that I found the music kind of monotonous.


The second stop was “Siargao.” Among the three I watched, this was what I enjoyed most. The story is contemporary, thus, very relatable.

The visuals, including underwater and aerial, were very eye-catching. Although the story is nothing new, the presentation was good. No wonder director Paul Soriano grabbed the Best Director award for this.


“Deadma Walking’s” strength for me lies in its being timely. It’s shown in the season when people simply want to laugh and be happy.

Just like last year’s “Die Beautiful,” its LGBT theme caught the fancy of moviegoers. Inside the cinema, I heard loud laughter in reaction to some scenes. Its unique storyline is also a plus factor. The Crying Divas production numbers were also beautifully choreographed and executed.

I give most of the credit though to the lead actors, Joross Gamboa and Edgar Allan Guzman, for superbly giving life to the characters.