NEARLY two weeks after a fire gutted down the four-storey shopping mall in Maa, the remains of the last missing employee were recovered Thursday evening, January 4.

Inter-agency Anti-Arson Task Force spokesperson Jerry Candido said in an interview that on January 4, the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) found the body around 7 p.m. during the resumption of the search and retrieval operation.

Candido identified the charred body as Alexandra Moreno-Castillo, Survey Sampling International (SSI) Quality Assurance supervisor. Her body was found at the fourth floor near where the 36 bodies of other victims were also discovered.

She was not found on the same day because her body was lodged inside a crack on the floor and covered with debris.

Personal belongings, such as key chain, bag, and passport found with Castillo affirmed her identity. The family of the victim confirmed it was hers upon checking her stuff.

The body of the last missing person was brought to Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes. The spokesperson added that the family opted to cremate her remains.

Earlier, the BFP suspended their retrieval operation because of the instability of the building that might possibly collapse anytime.

On December 24, the first body of SSI employee was retrieved inside the comfort room and on Christmas day, burnt bodies of the 36 other employees were also recovered at their office lobby on the fourth floor.

The task force already revealed that electrical short circuit caused the deadly fire.