THE management of Lite Shipping Corp. filed a marine protest before the Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) against a cargo ship that bumped the rear portion of mv Lite Ferry 20.

Lite Shipping general manager Nino Lim Imboy said it is clear that lct Seamine 8, owned and operated by Seamine Ventures Corp., was the culprit because it was the one that struck their vessel.

The incident took place at the Lauis Ledge off Talisay City last Friday.

Mark Antonie Arnado of Lite Shipping said the Marina 7 has inspected mv Lite Ferry 20 and was furnished a copy of the marine protest.

But it will be officially recorded tomorrow. In his protest, ship captain Dominique Carmona said that they were on their way to Tubigon, Bohol when they sighted lct Seamine 8.

Carmona said they radioed lct Seamine 8 to allow them to cross the sea lane ahead.

However, lct Seamine 8 proceeded, and hit Lite Ferry 20’s rear.

The impact damaged mv Lite Ferry 20’s sundeck.

Although some passengers were slightly hurt, Imboy said their vessel proceeded to its destination before returning to Cebu City for the investigation. (RVC)