A CIRCUS is always fun to watch. But what if it's not just fun and entertaining, it's also educational? That's what The Mind Museum Science Circus in Abreeza Mall is all about; giving the children an entertaining way to learn and be amazed.

My 4-year-old daughter, Kharizze, was really amazed how and why the balls went into the oposite direction, expecting that the balls should go "downward", at the Perception Room. Inside it, a wooden pipe is attached to the wall in a slanting manner. And two balls are also found in this room. When you put the balls in the wooden pipe, you'll see that the balls are not going downward but in upward direction. Why is it so? Find it out there yourself and be amazed too.

Have your shots taken at its kaleidoscope selfie and love the different angles of your faces.

Or fly high at its anti-gravity illusion.

If you want your friends to wonder how you are able to put your head on the table and take a picture of it, try their Floating Head exhibit. It was the most visited part of the exhibit when we went there. Young and adults alike were busy taking their body-less heads' photos there.

Kharizze also loved the room full of eyes. When you go inside, the eyes of the people (painted on the wall) seem to follow you around. For me, they are really freaky, but my daughter stares at them for a long time and even touched their eyes. You will know why their eyes seem to follow you around when you step right in.

Or you can challenge how steady your hands are at its "Steady Hands" where every time you make a mistake of rubbing each metal a buzzer will sound off. In fairness, I got a perfect steady right hand!

These are some of the many exhibits you and your kids will find educational and at the same time entertaining at the Mind Museum Science Circus which runs until January 13. Find them all in Abreeza Mall in JP Laurel Ave., Davao City.