SOME 99.9 percent of the so-called Christian preachers are false prophets. They are preaching the teachings of Paul, the fake apostle and anti-Christ. He preached that there is no need for good works. He said that it is enough that we have faith in Jesus. We are put right by believing in Jesus, he said. This is contrary to Jesus’s teachings about eternal life, kingdom of God, kingdom of heaven, perfection and salvation. These are five different things but with only one and the same formula, which is: love God above all; love your neighbor as yourself; obey the commandments; be generous to the poor; and follow Jesus.

There are a lot of good works. Jesus is the truth. In case of inconsistencies, as between Paul’s words and Jesus’s words, the latter should prevail. Because Jesus is the son of God and his Father mandated “Listen to him.”

Present teaching encourage people to go on sinning because the lamb of God will away the sins of the world. Jesus did not say that. Preachers pray “Look not on our sins but on the faith of your church.” They want their sins overlooks by God so they can continue sinning. This is not Jesus’s teaching.

Jesus preached, among others, “Turn away from your sins.” “Do not sin again,” “Watch what you do,” “Do what God requires” and “Do something out of the ordinary.” He did not encourage sinning.

In his first coming, he gave his lessons for people to deserve salvation. His second coming is therefore not necessary. But if Jesus will really come again, I believe he will be accompanied by his army of angels. He will not submit to crucifixion. Instead, he will crucify all false prophets who disregarded his teachers. Some 99.9 percent of Christian churches are preaching Paul’s teachings instead of Jesus’s. This must be corrected.-- Chito Germino, Paknaan, Mandaue City