ADOPTING the concept of “kizuna”, which is Japanese for bond, the Suzue Global Network Sales Conference in Singapore last Dec. 14 was participated in by the organization’s 14 global partners who are considered pillars and best of the class in their industry segments.

In attendance at the conference were Bob D. Gothong, chief executive officer of Gothong Southern Group of Companies, Fumio Nakanishi, chairman of Gothong-Suzue Philippines, Inc,. and Maria Asuncion V. Labanen, president of Gothong-Suzue Philippines, Inc.

The purpose of the conference was to promote a closer bond between members of the Suzue Network for the group to have a better global position amidst tough market competition.

The event closed with a message from Gothong, who said that “kizuna” is not a distant word but holds true and relevant to all. He pointed out that the growth area in the coming years is where the locations of the Suzue global network are. Gothong emphasized the need for disruptive technology via digitalization, as the group gears toward becoming the preferred provider of seamless transport and logistics solutions.

He hopes the next conference will be similar to the APEC Summit where definitive actions and business resolutions are agreed upon for execution to further bolster the growth of the network. (PR)