DESPITE being disqualified for relocation, informal settlers living under Bolton Bridge whose houses are being demolished are still being assisted by the Davao City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) so they can avail themselves of the housing programs provided by the National Government.

CPDO Housing and Home Site Division Chief Roy Ryan Rigor, in a media interview Monday, said residents in danger zones who did not qualify for relocation are qualified to avail themselves of the community mortgage program (CMP), a program of the National Government through Social Housing Finance Corporation, and the city is helping them in the process.

He said that last Friday, Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) approved a lot for residents and the informal settlers just need to process their application with SHFC.

He said with the program, residents will be financed in buying a lot, and in turn they will pay it by tranche to the SHFC.

To avail of the program, Rigor said the settlers need to apply for membership in an association.

"Ang gi-assist man gud sa SHFC is the association itself, so kung member ka sa association, makabenepisyo ka unsa ang ihatag sa association (The SHFC assists the association, so if you are a member, you can benefit from what is given to the association)," he said.

He added the 142 households identified to be disqualified for relocation are forming an association to avail themselves of the national housing program.

He said the settlers in the area were primarily disqualified for relocation because they are considered new structures under the rules. The Bolton Bridge, which according to Rigor built around 2003-2004, was clear of any structures after it was finished.

"We conducted census to them and found that they are considered new structures under Urban Development and Housing Act (UDHA law), UDHA law provided cut-off date which is year 1992. Year 1992 above is considered as new structure," he said.