WITH the ongoing concern regarding traffic congestion and increase in the number of visitors to the city particularly during certain months and on the occasion of special events City Councilor Elaine Sembrano has filed a proposed Ordinance that would require Barangay Tanods and Barangay Aides in the City of Baguio to augment personnel in the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) and the City Environment and Parks Management Office (Cepmo) during certain days of the months of December, February, March and April and on special city events when an increased number of visitors flock to the city.

In her proposal Councilor Sembrano noted that the City of Baguio has continued to be one of the favorite destinations North of Manila for tourists as well as a preferred venue for various conferences, seminars as well as other government and corporate gatherings and functions. She then observed that “during the months of December and February, the Holy Week, long weekends and during special events, visitors would flock to the city resulting in unprecedented traffic jams, garbage woes and other forms of inconvenience attributed to the sudden convergence of a large number of people in a particular place”. Councilor Sembrano then observed that there is a need to put in place an automatic support system or mechanism for the local police force and the Cepmo to effectively manage and maintain peace and order, traffic and cleanliness and sanitation for the convenience of visitors and residents alike.

In the said proposed Ordinance particularly Section 3 thereof, it states that, “All Barangay Tanods and Barangay Aides in the City of Baguio, as part of the service to the city, shall be made available at all times to render special service as augmentation force for the city police force and the Cepmo personnel to aid as traffic marshalls, anti-littering marshalls and to assist visitors, ensure their safety and compliance with local ordinances, resolutions and regulations”.

The Barangay Tanod and Barangay Aide augmentation force, as further provided in the proposed ordinance, shall help the police in the maintenance of peace and order and cleanliness in the Central Business District, major parks and tourist destinations as well as in areas where a large number of visitors may converge such as main roads and streets, malls, parks and other destinations around the city.

In the implementation of the said measure and within thirty days upon its approval the City Administrator’s Office shall coordinate and convene a meeting with the representatives of the Baguio City Police Office, the Liga ng mga Barangay, the Federation of Barangay Tanods, a representative from the Business Sector and a representative from the Local Transport sector to come up with the implementing rules and regulations of the said proposed ordinance.

Finally, the annual budgets of the Baguio City Police Office for its Police Auxiliary as well as of the Cepmo shall be adjusted accordingly to provide for the compensation of the said augmentation personnel.