THE MUNICIPALITY of La Trinidad is seeking the rehabilitation of the solid waste transfer station operated by Mark Anthony Camilo Trucking and Freight Services which hauls Baguio City's wastes.

Following the order of the Regional Trial Court Branch 10 to halt the hauling operations of Camilo, town officials want the staging area to be cleaned and rehabilitated.

"We have received an order that January 1 they will stop, there will be no extension," said La Trinidad Mayor Romeo Salda.

By January 11, all orders of the court should be complied by Camilo Freight Services.

However, Salda said during a meeting on Tuesday with the lot owner and municipal legal officer Attorney Jennifer Fianza, Camilo is still dumping at the staging.

The lot owner said the memorandum of agreement with M.A. Camilo was not renewed.

With this, Salda has ordered the Municipal Environment and Natural Resource Office to further investigate.

MA Camilo has signified to continue the contract but has been encountering opposition from residents of Sitio Lamtang, Puguis in the wastes staging area before it will be transported to a sanitary landfill in Capas, Tarlac.

Accordingly, there were no permits issued to MA Camilo to its garbage hauling services.

In a bid to address the problems created by MA Camilo, the municipal council passed an ordinance last year which aims to have full and direct control and operation of its solid waste transfer station facility.

Under the municipal law, applicants should comply with the documentary requirements in the establishment of a solid waste transfer station such as a written intent addressed to the mayor copy furnished to the municipal council.

Applicants must also secure free and prior consent, certification precondition, location clearance from the Municipal Planning and Development Office, environmental compliance certificate and endorsements from the affected community and barangay council.

Operation of the solid waste transfer station should not be located near residential houses, churches, and schools within 100 meter radius. The municipality will only allow one waste transfer facility at any given time and waste should be removed from the transfer station within 24 hours.