Friday July 20, 2018

Mind Museum’s Science Circus in Abreeza Mall

ABREEZA Mall kicks off 2018 with a stimulating scientific spectacle that will inspire children’s curiosity—not to mention bring out the kid in adults.

Bonifacio Global City-based science museum The Mind Museum brings its latest traveling exhibit, the Science Circus, to Abreeza Mall’s Activity Center from December 30 to January 13. At an entrance fee of P100 per head per hour, kids, families, and barkadas get to immerse in 160 square meters of interactive exhibition space that is guaranteed to get eyes popping and minds reeling.

Step right up to a slew of interactive setups that deceive the senses and boggle the mind, among them the Perception Room, which is designed to toy with your sense of what is up and down. Other visual curiosities are the Anti-Gravity Illusion, which makes one appear as though floating; the Floating Head exhibit, which fools viewers into seeing a body-less head on a table; and Benham’s Roleta and Color Spinners, which shows how colors appear when you spin black and white discs while white appears when you spin colored discs at a certain speed.

3D floor illusions offer another kind of curiosity, with the Stilts Illusion giving one the appearance of balancing on stilts and the Big and Small Illusion making one person shrink and another person grow even as they appear to stand next to each other.

More wacky sights are set to delight your eyes, such as the Kaleidescope Selfie, which lets your face be part of a wild kaleidoscope; Warpers of Image, where different kinds of mirrors twist your reflection; and Following Eyes, a roomful of images of people whose creepy eyes seem to follow you everywhere.

Other treats to watch for are Steady Hand, which challenges you to move your hand along a wire without buzzing it; the Soma Cube Puzzle and Balancing Shapes play area with large foam 3D cube puzzles and shapes; the Spinning Chair where you get to spin round and round like a top; the Circus Performer Automaton which lets you turn the crank to set the Clockwork Troupe in motion; and the Electric Spiral, a carousel that converts energy into electricity that in turn sets off a lights spectacle.

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