Friday July 20, 2018

Mayor to coordinate with DILG on non-cooperative villages

BACOLOD City Mayor Evelio Leonardia said he will coordinate with the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) to determine the possible sanctions to be imposed on the villages who failed to participate in the Business One-Stop-Shop (BOSS) at the Bacolod Government Center.

Leonardia said Thursday, January 11, it is the basic function of the villages to participate in the city’s activities.

“They should take this as one of their obligations. Not just moral, but in fact, I believe this is a legal obligation on the part of the barangays to be participating, cooperating, and supportive of projects like this because this is for the good of the city,” he said.

Executive Assistant Samuel Montoyo, member of Anti-Red Tape Act Core
team, had earlier said that of the 61 villages, only 22 have sent their representatives to issue barangay clearances to applicants of business permits.

He said that those who failed to send their representatives, still have time to do so since the one-stop-shop will end on January 20 yet.

On December 19, Leonardia issued Executive Order No. 37, instructing all barangays to participate in the one-stop-shop, which started on January 3.

Leonardia said the participation of the barangay officials is a major factor.

“We are appealing to them to participate, and at the same time, we would like to check with the DILG on what can be done to those who may not cooperate,” he said.

The mayor pointed out that this is all about making Bacolod a business-friendly city and has nothing to do with politics.

Through the one-stop- shop, business owners can fast track the processing of permits, and save time and money since all agencies and offices they need to transact with are together under one roof.

The processing of permit has also been streamlined from five steps into three steps to ensure a faster service, and with accomplished requirements, the permit can be issued in one to two days.