UNITED States (US)-based outsourcing company Research Now Survey Sampling International (SSI) held a memorial service for Davao employees at NCCC Mall last Thursday to remember the 37 employees who perished in the fire which occurred last December 23, 2017.

Based on the company's statement, Rick Watson, the company's US-based Global Vice President for Operations, and Alan Superfine, the company's Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CAT) Business General Manager, were present during the event.

They were joined by family members of those who perished.

"On behalf of the entire Research Now SSI FAMILY, we express our profound sorrow over the passing of our 37 colleagues and offer our condolences and prayers to their family members and loved ones," Watson said.

Watson also thanked the company's Davao employees for their courage and steadfastness.

"Your strength and resilience serve as an inspiration to us during this difficult time," he said.