ANGELES CITY—A group of authors launched a booked entitled “Anthology of Haiku and Kindred Verses” in Angeles City yesterday.

The book’s poetry is in Haiku form, a type of poetry from Japan.

The authors, five men and women, who reportedly dub themselves as Bards from the Far East, compiled Haiku with “overflowing openness, depth, simplicity, and lightness of Haiku poems.”

The authors include Carolyn, Danny Gallardo from Zambales, Felix Fojas, Aine M. Losauro and Jose Rizal M. Reyes.

“The very title of the book indicates a global perspective and expresses the global aspiration of the Filipino poets as well as of other Filipino writers and artists,” the book’s promoters said in a statement.

The book also features contributions from writers like Hiroshi Taniuchi, Albert Casuga, Eileen Tabios, Santiago Villafania, Cesar Ruiz Aquino and many more.

“Altogether, their vision is to instill in the hearts of the people, particularly the younger generation, a deeper understanding and love for reading and even writing classical poetry. Their mission is to spread the teaching of poetry which is an oft-neglected literary form, and is important for the teaching of writing and reading,” the statement added.

The book will be made available commercially soon.